1 Week!

17 September 2011 0 comments
Hai all..it's one week already with my last post is about my transformer. I've got my transfromer's charger back and I am very happy for that. 1 week without the charger is like a disaster. I have to charge my transformer at my laptop and it takes about 2 whole days for it become 100%!!

1 week passed already. 1 whole new semester again. Being a student, thinking like a student, walk like a student, eat like a student and talk like a student. Never seen my friends for 4 months and many have changed already. This semester I have to take 3 core drawing subjects (damn!), 3 liberal subjects and just 1 photography subject. Hahaha. Kinda funny but lots of work this semester. Have to work hard to get Anugerah Dekan again.
Will tell you bout something tomorrow. Have a nice weekend people!

For those who likely to know more about Department Of Photography and Creative Imaging, UiTM Shah Alam..Please go to this website:


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