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It's been awhile i wanna tell you this. For now, you might thinking what the hack is this girl wanna talk about?  Ok, some of you might been thinking and asking a lot what happen to my studies aite? Anyway, starting December 2010 i'm taking Degree in Photography & Creative Imaging, UiTM Shah Alam. I'm doing ok now with flying colours rather taking up my Degree in Law at UiTM always not satisfied with my results.

It's kinda late actually thinking of my age now but still taking degree while all my friends in law have finish and continuing their studies in LLB but to think back again, I'm happy and much more calm in this new faculty. A fresh brand new me with lots of thing to learn in photography. Some of you might think that my decision to change course a little bit drastic and looking in the future might seems hard to survive but I have think a lot lately and wanna give a chance to prove it to myself that i can do more in this field. 

So, the entry after this might be my journey as a photography student that wanna learn more and try to explore new things in photography. You can critic my artwork as it can give motivation to me. And maybe the entry after this might be as crap as possible not to be a photography student. I hope it will give you some hint about my life.
That's all. Thank you.


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