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After the Madagascar world we continue to the Far Far Away. It's time for the Shrek 4D movie. Waiting time is about 10 minutes. This is where you can see, hear and FEEL the action right from your seat. It's a 3D movie which anyone know by using the 3D glasses but USS make it special by adding 4D so we can actually FEEL the jumps, bumps, air blast and water spray. Each person chair will shake, air blasts at your neck or feet and water spray right at your face. The 4D movie is worth to watch in USS, must see!!

With our OgreVision Glasses

After that we want to go to the The Lost World but my dad gets so hungry. There are 5 Halal restaurant. You can see it in their map directory when you go there. So, off we go to eat and my dad have a fish wrap some chips and ice lemon tea for lunch and for us just some water and fruits only coz we ain't hungry. I bought a USS bottle drink about 15 Sing Dollar around RM30. You can top up the water at any restaurant or shack for only 2 Sing Dollar for carbonated drinks and 4 Sing Dollar for juice.

We went straight to The Lost World of Jurassic Park. It's the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure captures our eyes. Our parents wait us at the entrance as they are tired already. But the waiting time is 1 hour 40 minutes!! We still wanna go in and buy our poncho (raincoat) at the entrance for 2 Sing Dollar around RM 5.Wait and wait and wait and wait. And at last, its our turn. No picture at this place as all the cameras are with our parents. It's because the sign said "You might be getting soaking wet". Its a river raft ride with circular motion which tossed us around and around in the Jurassic Compound. And entering a dark tunnel with lots of dinosaur. Suddenly, the raft stop and raise us up with a T-Rex trying to ate us from above. A door open in front of us with a big slide, down we go with a big splash! Lucky for us to buy the poncho. :)

Very excited this time on the way to The Lost World Jurassic Park

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