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Ekspedisi Gunung Ledang
Date : 1- 3 April 2011
Kelas AD 2271A Jabatan Fotografi dan Pengimejan Kreatif, Fakulti Seni Lukis dan Seni Reka, UiTM Shah Alam.

This is one of our requirement to do a class trip for our final assignment. Our lecturer, En. Nik ask us to do a class trip and off we go to Gunung Ledang. It a fun journey as this is our 1st time as one class to go for a trip. But this is not a leisure trip, it is for our final assignment project. So, enjoy the lousy pictures taken by me.

I won a prize in a photography contest (not for this trip) for this picture

Sape nampak cicak?

Mane tahan lepas shoot terus terjun mandi.
One of my friend - Gigih letak kamera dalam air deras. Haha
Macam2 ragam - Sorang minum air, sorang tengok kamera.
Sekian, that's all for our trip. 


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